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Spring over our Hourcat Sud Cabernet Franc vineyard at Cardan Bordeaux

Spring across our Hourcat Sud Cabernet Franc vineyard at Cardan Bordeaux – as seen from Cherry Tree Corner looking north towards the winery

As many of our regular readers will know, we are deep into the writing of our second book. What a challenge; but what fun to share the history and learning from our short journey thus far – in short our story.

And as I describe that story, I have come to appreciate much better with every chapter how our Mission, Vision  – and the values that come from those two important pillars of our business – have in effect created our culture and brand. And the harder we have been forced to work and find solutions that overcome our specific challenges of size, Cabernet Franc full varietal wine, distance leadership, etc the stronger that solution orientated culture has become.

One of the greatest pleasures of what we do is watching how other members of the team have both contributed to our brand and in turn embraced the culture that we have all created. And then further duplicated it to others, who take our standards of excellence to a higher level again and lead us further forward. Increasingly, our virtual team can develop unique high quality solutions autonomously but communicating continually via different channels and media to one another.

With the launch of our book this year, we will be further developing our brand.

        Our story culture and values are all reflected in our brand 

Every bit of this network of talented people supports the brand and how our customers, fans, supporters, ambassadors, community and stakeholders see us. Our brand is created and embellished by our story and the history of our people’s contribution. Our culture and values become the glue that makes it stronger and helps enhance its sustainability

Lots of other news is on the boil over the coming weeks. We will say hello to the USA, a May visit to Cardan Bordeaux is pending and the books progress. The story, the culture and the brand keeps rolling.

PS – the answer to the question that you wanted to ask in the first paragraph is…. Yes our first book From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc is all written and progressing well. And you will hear about it all very soon. The target for release is early into the second half of 2015.

And a further PS, David Stannard Founder Director of Paradise Rescued is available and ready to come and speak to your organisation. Clink the link here for his Speaker Profile and more details….

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