Grape Moments – our Paradise Rescued 2015 Golden Goals

Beautiful Cabernet Franc fruit in the Hourcat Sud block Cardan Bordeaux - now heading to CT, USA

      Doing out best to create a great vintage is always a Golden Goal for us

A few weeks back, when we were in Cardan, Bordeaux we promised to share our plans and goals for the year ahead. Well time has marched on pretty quickly and with so much other news……here we finally are!! We are (rightly, in my mind) proud of what we achieved in 2014;  our resilience and patience plus the rewards and results that they brought in 2014. But we need to continue to grow. A new plan is therefore required.

Naturally, there are a few things that we cannot share right now with you but each year we set 10 Golden Goals. Why ten? Well it seems like a good number and we clearly understand that if you have too many priorities, everything and everyone in the team focuses on their own part of the plan and instant anarchy results. Seen that before?

Within those ten there are a couple of very obvious perennial ones. Like “Achieve a successful vintage”. Yes, very obvious but it still needs to be a clear team goal as it is the base from which we build our brand AND the part that adsorbs about half of our resources. We also have a couple of vineyard projects on the go. The replanting of Hourcat Centre in Merlot has gone well so far and we need to maintain that strong organic viticultural progress. We also have a plan to expand Hourcat Sud Cabernet Franc a little and that work will commence in 2015.

With the launch of our book this year, we will be further developing our brand.

  With the launch of our book this year, we will be further developing our brand

We will of course be developing our brand further. Our first book about Paradise Rescued has been written and we are eagerly looking forward to publishing it and getting out there sharing some more about our story and brand.

And finally, we are looking to launch our 2010 Cabernet Franc into the northeast USA market during the first half of the year. We will be looking to establish this as an ongoing market for Paradise Rescued. In order to make that happen, we have had to rebrand our bottles with a new name and label. A formal announcement will be coming very soon as we load the first consignment onto the ship headed for Connecticut.

Exciting times. Stay with us for the journey…. A lot is happening in 2015.

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