Grape Moments: Our brand moves forward

Beautiful Cabernet Franc fruit in the Hourcat Sud block Cardan Bordeaux - now heading to CT, USA

Beautiful Cabernet Franc fruit in the Hourcat Sud block Cardan Bordeaux – now heading to CT, USA

“If you not growing and moving forward, then you are probably going backwards” – the clichéd expression reminds us. And a reasonably good one too, I must say! As a business we also have to keep moving forward to consolidate and develop our wine, markets and brand. And we will….

Hot off the press this week, we are pleased to confirm that, after a number of attempts and much persistence on the part of our New York based partners Foundations Marketing Worldwide, our beautiful 2010 Cabernet Franc – currently called Cloud9 – will be exporting to Connecticut USA very soon.

This will require a few changes in the name of the wine, our branding and packaging, which we will happily be sharing once we are ready to launch in the USA. Cloud9 2010 Cabernet Franc will continue to be available for private sales in Australia until the vintage is fully sold out. Subsequent years will have the exciting new higher quality branding and packaging.

At an initial glance, the need to rename and re-brand the Cabernet Franc would seem to be a costly nuisance. All USA wines are registered and checked for uniqueness and no conflict of brand naming. There is already a Cloud9 winery in the USA and hence we have been required to change to a new name, which will further highlight the unique nature of one of Bordeaux’s very few 100% varietal Cabernet Franc wines together with the special nature of the Hourcat Sud block in Cardan.

The sun shines on Brand Paradise Rescued - moving forward

     The sun shines on Brand Paradise Rescued – moving forward

Although inconvenient, the reality for our Paradise Rescued brand and product is actually very positive. Firstly this will enable us to access to a very appreciative quality wine market and secondly, in so doing, we will now be better able to package the wine in line with the high quality of our product that we now better understand.

Our recent tasting confirmed that the 2010 Cabernet Franc will be going to market in almost peak condition and this will help significantly to establish an ongoing loyal clientele. We look forward to welcoming more fans and customers and sharing with them more of the story that is Paradise Rescued.

Our brand moves forward….

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