Grape Moments: Never too small to be a brand!

Despite bold ambitious plans when Paradise Rescued started out four and a half years ago, our vision for what we might achieve was very modest. In fact, looking back, I would say our thinking was limited completely by what everyone else around us was achieving – it became almost a natural ceiling. Our thinking easily fell into a pattern with everyone else!

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Two things changed the game. Firstly, by applying best practice organic viticulture and ignoring the apparent rules on “terroir”, we produced a beautiful varietal Cabernet Franc varietal, which we called Cloud9. Secondly, through the good advice we had gained and with our own business awareness, we knew that that our marketing would have to be better than average if we were to sell our wine and create a sustainable business.

The Paradise Rescued logo has been the catalyst for our brand

The Paradise Rescued logo has been the catalyst for our brand

In 2010, we had a very beautiful logo but little else. The key to changing how we looked at ourselves and the potential not just of our wine but our whole business, lay in how we could create a brand. A brand goes beyond a product. Whilst a logo may be a centrepiece of the brand image, it becomes a value judgement around every other part of what you have created. It captures the story; it reflects your values, your marketing, media, the product and the people. For us, our brand logo was not only the motivator; it was the catalyst.

And with that also came a game changer – Social Media. No longer does a small organisation need a mega budget and hundreds of work hours to get its message and promotion out there. With the help of a modest amount of learning, selection of some key tools, a succinct strategy and a phone camera it has become possible to not only create a brand from virtually nothing but also to get ones reach out globally to potential customers and supporters. Social media has enabled us, as on of the world’s smallest wincos, to take an good position in an extremely busy wine market.

Basking in the Bordeaux sun - Paradise Rescued Cloud9 Cabernet Franc basks in teh Bordeaux sunsine

Basking in the Bordeaux sun – Paradise Rescued Cloud9 CabFranc

On our first Paradise Rescued Vision picture, the word Brand did not even appear. In the 2020 version, the logo is proudly displayed top left, the words “brand focus” are clearly visible in the tactical plan and Brand Market Access is now one part of the three part business strategy. In short, our brand has not only become part of our business vision, it is fully integrated with it. And that vision id now part of the brand. The two are effectively one and the same.

The argument about being too small is effectively finished. The barriers are gone. Size isn’t everything. Smash away those artificial self imposed ceilings. Start change your thinking. Start building a brand – it will make a difference.

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