Grape Moments: Merry Christmas – 2012 top 6 highlights!

Wow, where did that one go? 2012 nearly finished. And from a Paradise Rescued perspective – what an amazing year it has been. Just before we pass on the festive greetings, I thought it might be nice to share some of the good news stories from Paradise Rescued in 2012….

We're on Cloud9 for Chrustmas - hope your are too!

We’re on Cloud9 for Christmas – hope you are too!

Our 2010 Cloud9 made the big journey from Bordeaux to Melbourne and our first sales commenced. The reception from all sectors of the market has been very positive.

We reconfigured the Cardan winery from a single “large” vat to 4 smaller ones. This was a stroke of genius given the season and low yields that followed.

In our vineyards, Pascale fought an endless battle against Mother Nature, keeping wave after wave of mildew at bay and then guiding the small harvest of both CabFranc and Merlot (first time) to a successful high quality finish.

The plan to make the full Hourcat Centre block our future home of Merlot was finalised and site clearing work began.

Brand Paradise Rescued continued to establish its market position. Supported by our social media marketing programme, knowledge of our brand as a high quality microcuve wine producer increases every day. Our Facebook banner image design continues to feature amongst the world’s list of top social media images.

Harvest 2012 in Cardan was a unique moment in time. The harvest team was comprised entirely from our team members, our families and our wonderful community around us in Cardan. This was our dream, our Mission and what we set out to achieve.

Pascale Portrait

Pascale, our vigneron and “superstar” 2012 for her amazing work in producing the 2012 Paradise Rescued wines in a tough and controversial Bordeaux vintage.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported and worked so positively with us during the year – customers, fans, suppliers, partners, our community and every member of Team Paradise Rescued. To you all and your families, we wish you a very safe and happy Christmas.

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