Grape Moments: Introducing Nicks Wines

Nicks Wine Merchants Jackson Court East Doncaster Melbourne

Nicks Wine Merchants Jackson Court East Doncaster Melbourne

Great news this week – we are pleased to announce this week that Nicks Wines in East Doncaster has listed and is now making Paradise Rescued Cloud9 Cabernet Franc available to their clients. This will allow more customers in Melbourne to taste this unique organically produced 100% varietal Bordeaux wine.

Nicks Wines is a true wine merchant, not a bottle shop! Every city has its selection of good wine merchants and Nicks Wines is among the top elite for global wine variety, knowledge and service – as acknowledged by many on line customer reviews which score it a 5 star rating. In particular, it is a “must visit” store for its stock of both Bordeaux red wines and Sauternes Barsac Cadillac vins liquoureux. In short Nicks Wines is the premium wine merchant in the north east sector of Melbourne. Definitely worth a visit – and worth it for Cloud9.

Cloud9 Cabernet Franc 2010

Paradise Rescued Cloud9 Cabernet Franc 2010

One great observation has also come from the Nicks Wine team which we love and that is the emergence of a cherry nose and body. We had seen the transition from the initial young blackcurrant flavour to a more redcurrant taste. I think Nicks have hit the mark here – it’s actually much more like a cherry nose now.

Cabernet Franc and Cloud9 in particular is a superb and unique food wine and it is a great pleasure to see it available from one of Melbourne’s premium wine merchants. In fact Cloud9 is the only 100% varietal Cabernet Franc on Nicks Wines list. Even more unique…

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