Grape Moments: Increasing customer focus

When we discuss what’s happening in our vineyard and winery, we use the label From Wine2Vine in our blog title. When we talk about the wine market, marketing and the world of wine we include the words Grape Moments. And this week is very much an update of our current activities in marketing and development of brand Paradise Rescued.

Another happy customer?

Another happy customer?

Our customer feedback and the reaction from the wine market in Australia clearly indicates how much you would like us to maintain a open and regular dialogue with you and focus on being a niche quality supplier to a community of private clients, which could also include selective top restaurateurs and small wine merchants too! The recent amazing support on our Facebook and Twitter sites overwhelmingly confirms this view.

Not everyone wants to play on Social Media or remember to come back here twice a week to see our blogs! So we have opened a mailing list for our fans and customers so we can send you a monthly update with a personalised message, special offers – unique to mail list recipients – and a link to the different blogs that we have published which contain the details of our progress and the world of fine wine. To join our mailing list, simply fill out the registration box at the bottom of this blog. We will confirm that you have not been spammed by sending you a “please confirm” email for you to click back to us.

Over the coming weeks, you will probably also see a further increase in activity around our media as we launch a couple of other initiatives to strengthen the Paradise Rescued community. And we will tell you more about these as they happen. This week, ahead of these changes, we will be making changes to our on line 6 bottle carton prices. If you are already a Paradise Rescued customer, we are also able to offer you a further discount – please ask / email us for details and a special quote. This will possibly establish a path forward towards a Club Cloud9 type of community, where we can further reward our loyal customers.

Paradise Rescued - Cloud9 Cabernet Franc Bordeaux Supérieur

Paradise Rescued – Cloud9 Cabernet Franc Bordeaux Supérieur

And finally for the growing number of USA based fans, thank you for all the messages, we are now working on a number of ways by which we can look to supply Cloud9 to you. If that all works out well, we may look to make some changes in how we distribute the limited 2012 vintage – when its ready. I have some phone calls already lined up for this week! One step at a time! With no 2011 wine and a limited quantity (but exceptional quality) of 2012, we will be seeking your views in the coming months as to how to manage customer demand for this vintage in the best way and ensure our current customers get the best arrangements. Thank you to those of you who have put in forward orders and requests.

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