Grape Moments – Happy 5th Blogday Paradise Rescued

Starting to review layout and final proofs of our first book.

On the desk: starting to review layout artwork and final proofs for our first book

Wow, I almost missed it! Well actually I didn’t miss it as I knew it was imminent. And the big event is… the fifth birthday of our Paradise Rescued blog!

It seems kind of funny really, looking back. We weren’t sure then if we would survive five minutes let alone five years. Although my few easy reading lines from 2010 are visible on our website blog page; the blogspot content disappeared with the migration onto our website and WordPress integration later that year.

So here are those few words from June 19th 2010:-

“Blog site goes live, the vines finish flowering, registration.

This week’s update is posted here and to the new blog site – the link is attached. This should give our customers, our fans and us a better way of maintaining the history, week by week.

I received another superb “vineyard update” this week from Pascale. Flowering has now finished and she has started to tie off and trim the new shoots as they climb to their required “hedge height”.

The registration process for our wine has commenced with the regional office in Cadillac.” 

For every week since the end of June 2010, we have published our thinking and news. And sometimes more with our #WineTips. Why? There are a number of reasons. But as that first blog records, the principle one was to document our progress for our fans and community creating a unique weekly diary of Paradise Rescued. Back then, as today, our openness was a key part of our goal to be a sustainable organization. And since our start, we have greatly valued the support and contribution from our community in Cardan Bordeaux and the wider wine world. Open communication and sharing learning is one way of giving back.

Five years on - B1ockOne Bordeaux CabernetFranc - still getting better

Five years on – B1ockOne Bordeaux CabernetFranc 2010  – still getting better

In essence the blog has become a key part of us, brand Paradise Rescued. We didn’t know what a brand was back then but I have come to learn that our story telling is indeed an important part of what we have created and shared around the world. Our brand is our story and we will continue to share it openly with you.

And everything that has happened in between is part of that story and will soon be available for you to read in more detail when our first book “Paradise Rescued: From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc” is published in a couple of months. And through writing this blog, I have gained that confidence and desire to share that journey with you. Watch out for it; we will keep you up to date as always.

Here’s to the next five!! Loving this journey….

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