Grape Moments: Cloud9 Cabernet Franc – the 2 big questions!

During our short history, we have gained many wonderful fans, interested supporters and new friends. Meeting so many people has been a great experience. The most frequent two questions that everybody asks are these :-

How is the Cloud9 2010 going? Will 2012 be as good?

Cloud9 Cabernet Franc – a delightful food wine

As always, I am happy to be open and communicative about as much as we know. For the first question, I can give you some very specific  answers. With respect to the second question, it is rather more subjective at this stage. Our fans and customers may see that comment with concern. Please don’t read it that way – and I will explain more in a few seconds.

Cloud9 Rosewood Sommelier Box set – perfect gift.

Firstly Cloud9 Cabernet Franc 2010. We were concerned that Cloud9 2010, from our first production year, might be short lived and needed to be drunk quickly. Time and continual review are showing that the reverse is true. Cloud9 2010 is gaining complexity and beauty with age. We don’t yet have the experience to tell you how much better it will get nor for how long it will continue to age well but right now, it is getting better by the day.

The young cassis fruit nose has matured into a soft redcurrant opening. The big difference is in the heart of the wine where the complexity is becoming very very special. The tannins are still perfectly soft and the length remains a key feature of this lovely wine. We are very encouraged by its development. If you have 6 bottles, drink them slowly and appreciate the progress. If you have already drunk your one or two bottles…we invite you to buy a couple more!

Paradise Rescued Cloud9 bottle, 6 bottle carton and dropstop.

And on to the 2012 vintage. We will share more details here very soon but only when we have a clear idea of how good this wine might be. All the signs remain positive that, in this generally difficult vintage, we may have produced another great wine. Fingers crossed! The laboratory analyses are good, the taste tests are positive, the racking off and pressing is complete and the malolactic fermentation is ongoing…which again confuses the process! The wine will be “en barrique” by the end of this month and by end January, we should have a better idea if our Cloud9 tradition will continue as we would like….

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