Grape Moments – #CabernetDay 2013

Doesn’t the year go by fast when you are having fun! #Cabernet Day is almost here again….! Hasn’t a lot happened in that time? Wow!

Serious Cabernet.... Paradise Rescued Cloud9 CabFranc and Rockford

Serious Cabernet…. Paradise Rescued Cloud9 CabFranc and Rockford CabSav

#CabernetDay is a social media based global wine celebration of all Cabernet wines (and blends) held annually on the last Thursday of August. Brand Paradise Rescued and Cloud9 – one of the very few Bordeaux 100% Cabernet Franc wines – is proud to announce once again that we will be a lead promoter and hosting a function for our customers and key supporters on the 29th. Our celebration will follow the previous successful #CabernetDay format whereby we taste a good number of Cabernet based wines, led of course by our own Cloud9 Cabernet Franc. Each participant is required to bring their own Cabernet wine to the challenge tasting.

#Cabernet Day is a global wine event created by Rick Bakas in the USA and closely supported and promoted by Anne-Victoire Monrozier, aka Miss Vicky Wine in France. The purpose of this global social media led event is to promote the enjoyment of Cabernet wines. In partnership with our international colleagues, we will be publishing and promoting our social media for the event including a new Facebook page Cabernetday Australia. For us the event and day is an opportunity to both connect with our local customers but also once again to showcase the uniqueness and quality of our Cloud9 Cabernet Franc and brand Paradise Rescued.

#CabernetDay surprise taster bottle has just arrived!

                     Our #CabernetDay surprise taster bottle has just arrived!

Last #CabernetDay was effectively the launch day for sales of Cloud9 into Australia and it has been pleasing to see the success that the wine and the brand have had in that period and the number of passionate supporters and customers we have gained. It has been a year of continual change and adjustment as we have learnt about where our real market is. Better still we have the news that our 2012 wines are looking good and will be a great follow up to our first offering.

So what are you doing on August 28th? Why not organise and host a #CabernetDay event…drop into the Facebook page or tweet us with the news? We would love to hear from you. Cheers and please enjoy as always in moderation.

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