Grape Moments – Cabernet Franc for the USA!

Award winning business Paradise Rescued coming to the USA

Award winners Paradise Rescued bringing Bordeaux Cabernet Franc to the USA

It’s taken a lot of persistent effort from many people in a couple of continents to get it all moving. But finally it is happening. Our 2010 Cabernet Franc is now on its way to northeast USA. This is a Grape Moment!

Although it is not yet at the point for celebration – that comes when the bottles begin to be opened by our new customers there – it is nevertheless a significant step forward to have one pallet on the boat and steaming at full speed in that direction.

We owe a big thank you to Monika Elling, CEO and her team at Foundations Marketing Group in New York who have supported us and advised us along the way plus will also take an active role in the marketing of the wine when it arrives.

The so-called USA three tier system that legally requires the wine to pass through a producer / importer, a distributor and then a retailer on its way to the consumer creates some unique challenges. Imported wine also has to be registered and have a unique Certificate of Label Authorisation (COLA) as well as pre customs clearance. Good advice and assistance locally has been critical to negotiate through the sometimes complex regulatory framework.

Beautiful Cabernet Franc  from the Hourcat Sud block.

Ripe Cabernet Franc from the Hourcat Sud block – now heading to New York

As the former name of our Cabernet Franc clashed with the name of an existing US winery, we had to change the label on the wine before we could receive COLA approval. This of course has required a rebranding / re-labelling of our wine. For all our Cabernet Franc sold into the USA, it will be called Paradise Rescued B1ockOne Cabernet Franc.

We will be doing a more formal launch of the name and brand for the northeast USA as the wines becomes ready for retail release. And of course showcasing the new label with pride, which has been specifically designed for its target market.

In the meantime, bon voyage Cabernet Franc! One Block. One Vineyard. One Wine. That’s B1ockOne.

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