Grape Moments: 5 reasons to use Social Media for Wine

Matching wines and social media? Which goes best with what?

Matching wines and social media? Do the two go together?

Last weekend during a Twitter discussion from Melbourne with colleague French wine producers who were attending the #Vinocamp wine social media marketing seminar, in Avignon France, we were challenged by @PlaneteBordeaux (Union of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, our representative industry body / partners in Bordeaux) to list the advantages of using social media AND to provide a concrete example!!

We felt that that the 140 characters allowed by Twitter would be insufficient and hence we agreed to write this blog instead and use ourselves as the example!!

Paradise Rescued started operation as a microcuvée winery in January 2010. With help from a number of successful Bordeaux wine producers, we developed a very simple business strategy:- Good Fruit, Good wine, Niche Market Access. Our wine is an organically produced 100% varietal Cabernet Franc called Cloud9, which has been exported for sale into Australia.

To make the “Niche Market Access” section of the strategy work, when we had neither an existing market nor clients to buy our wine, we needed a cost effective marketing plan that could help us find our customers and audience rather than simply broadcasting and advertising to an audience who might not be interested. Social Media provides us with the best means to make this happen. Here’s why…

Social Media gives us

Increased exposure, leads and traffic
A low cost marketing channel
Direct dialogue and relationship with customers
A brilliant way to show our brand and build a fan base
Improved sales

Paradise Rescued - Cloud9 Cabernet Franc Bordeaux Supérieur

Paradise Rescued – Cloud9 Cabernet Franc Bordeaux Supérieur

Next week, we will share with you what we have learnt so far and our top 5 “Social Media” tips ….

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