Four Questions every winery (business) should ask!

When I visit or benchmark with other wineries (or businesses for that matter) in no matter which part of the world I am, I will always ask – unsurprisingly – about their viticultural practices, winemaking and marketing channel. Makes sense? Eager to learn more, I will check what makes their wine taste a particular way or what is their key to success in the vineyard or what’s their “hot tip” for marketing.

North looking view of the Paradise Rescued Merlot block with the newly planted section to the back

Winter view of the Paradise Rescued Merlot block – new section behind. Where do you want to be? What do you want your business to look like?

Quite often, the reply comes back “It’s the land, it’s the climate, it’s the retailers…..” And in France, it’s always the “terroir” (combination of land, geography and climate)! It’s almost seems like an abdication of one’s business and production to some other apparently uncontrollable factor. As Paradise Rescued progresses, we can say with increasing authority that you get what you wish for! If you believe that someone else controls your destiny, guess what – they do! However if you believe that you can set or attain a higher standard, then you will.

It sounds easy, right? But the first big step is that YOU have to decide and set that standard! If you have no standard, then you quite simply will end up with whatever you get!

Having listened to a number of best practice presentations recently, we have adapted and complied four BIG questions that you might like to ask of yourself and your organisation?

Paradise Rescued - winner Silver Stevie International Business Award Best New Company 2013.

Our Silver Stevie International Business Award Best New Company 2013. What was good in 2013 won’t cut in 2023! Set the standards higher.

  1. Where do we want to be?
  2. What is our standard?
  3. What is the gap (between where we are now and that standard)?
  4. What are we doing about it?


It is a very short and straightforward mini-strategy tool kit that we can all apply to our businesses on a daily basis. And by business I mean every part of our business, yes marketing and commercial functions included alongside the traditional “target” improvement zone of production!

Try putting it to work in your business now. But be careful! If you are applying the technique to your whole business, you will need to take some time to think it through and appreciate all aspects of your business at a high level. If you applying it at an operational or work level, start small – with a couple of ideas or areas for improvement. A focus for change is positive, but trying to do too much too fast may defeat the whole initiative. Get a couple of wins on the board and build from there.

Develop a “mantra” in your organisation which runs like this:- Where do we want to be, what are we doing about it? Call it the “One to Four approach”, hashtag it, memorise it and brand it through the organisation. Make it part of the culture. Above all else, move forward and continue improving.

Start now – ask the 4 questions!

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