Forget New Years Eve, start thinking 2015 now!

I am pleased that I am publishing this short blog after New Year’s Eve and not before. If I had written last week, it would almost certainly have been forgotten in the “apparent euphoria” of celebrating the arrival of 2015.

What's on your horizon for 2015? Time to get a plan together....

         What’s on your horizon for 2015? Time to get a plan together….

Now that we are a couple of days into the New Year and the cobwebs and headaches following the night of the 31st (Morning of the 1st?) are behind us, it’s a better time to really take stock of what lies ahead and get a solid plan together. I think we can all rationally appreciate that being in the middle of good party is not the time to start planning the rest of your life? Right? We are agreed? Good, let’s move forward.

So let’s get a couple of points down and well understood. Let’s get straight down to business…

  1. What happened yesterday or during 2014 has NOTHING to do with what can happen in 2015! The only person, obstacle, barrier or reason why the new year cannot be better or more of what you want than last year is you / me. Yes that’s it – pure and simple. If you choose to let 2015 be more of what 2014 gave you, that’s your choice! But you can change it through your thinking and goals!
  2. Get somewhere quiet, go for a walk; think about what you would like to see happen in your life in 2015 and beyond. We measure life along with nature’s cycle but our lives cover more than just one annual cycle. Rather than let life and the people around you determine what you should have, be, achieve and do – start to think about what you would like to see happen. Think big – it’s not a crime!
  3. Next decide what you would like to see happen during the next 12 month period. Decisions are important because it is in those moments of deciding that something will / must happen that indeed our destiny is determined.
The view that inspires Paradise Rescued. What's yours?

          The view that inspires Paradise Rescued. What’s yours?

Probably the most important step is to write it down! I know, I have heard it all before.. you have a University degree, twenty five certificates from school, you can count underwater, etc. Please WRITE IT DOWN! For me it’s a courage leadership thing. If you can’t commit it to paper, then you probably can’t commit!

  • And finally, once you have written your goals down, you need to look at them every day. So print out what you wrote down in number 4 above and put it in a place where you are regularly working every day such that you will look at it! Bit by bit, no matter how challenging that goal, it will change your vision and overcome your “old thinking” and resistance.

    And if you don’t believe what I have written above, please don’t write to me and say “that stuff doesn’t work”. Go try it first, then share your story and let us help / encourage you to get there. We want to see more of you on #Cloud9 achieving your goals and vision. Let’s make it happen in 2015!

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