Fine Wine, on Line – that’s #Cloud9!

Cloud9 2010 Cabernet Franc

We’re on #Cloud9! That wonderful moment has finally arrived and the doors are open! Cloud9 is available for sale and the first bottles have already started to move to our new customers. Thank you for the great support and interest shown throughout the project, from the initial land purchase to starting production, harvest, wine making, export and now finally making it all reality! We think Cloud9 is unique…produced organically in the world’s premier wine region of Bordeaux, a 100% single varietal Cabernet Franc from the single half hectare block of Hourcat Sud in Cardan. Our passion and mission to sustain the rural heritage of our lovely village is reflected in this first successful 2010 vintage.

A number of factors are still holding us back from making Cloud9 available to as many restaurants and wine merchants as we would like. But we are close to resolving those issues and will be working hard on that sales channel during this month. So expect a lot of progress there over the next four weeks. We will also be making bottles available to the media for tasting and appreciation as well as continuing our own marketing and promotion via social media. You can also expect to see some new mini videos, recorded on location in beautiful Cardan as well as here in Australia.

Cloud9 Rosewood Box presentation set

Our on line shopping cart is up and running. For practical reasons, we have focussed on small cartons of 6 bottles for distribution to the major centres on the eastern side of Australia. We understand that this is not a perfect solution for everybody who wants to appreciate a single bottle or would like their delivery in Darwin or the USA. So we have provided a direct email box at the bottom of the order form so that you can write to us with your specific enquiry. Almost everything is possible, so let’s see what we can do to bring you the pleasure that is Cloud9.

Given the quality focus and limited availability of Cloud9, our Sales and Marketing team have also been looking at special gift packs, comprising a single bottle in a beautiful rosewood box, complete with corkscrew and wine serving accessories. This is a classy finish for a lovely wine. If you would like your wine delivered in this way – see photo to the right – please again send us your request via the order form enquiry or email us direct at .

We can’t wait to hear from you. Fine Wine, on Line – that’s #Cloud9!   Buy on line    Taste on line

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