Don’t get comfortable, say NO to complacency!

We will looking to go "one better" again with our 2014 Cabernet Franc

                    We will looking to go “one better” again with our 2014 Cabernet Franc

This week I was listening to a CEO of a global public company reflecting on the success of the company he leads. It was a balanced review. He started by looking at the share price chart of his organisation, which has outperformed a couple of other public companies in the same industry by a factor of four! Not bad, in fact very impressive. He then compared the performance of another smaller company, again from the same  industry segment, whose share price had tracked similarly, in fact maybe even better. And then he commented “So should we be getting comfortable now? I don’t think so, time to move on.”

The moment we as people, businesses or organisations start to “get comfortable”, then it’s all over!

Paradise Rescued - our brand wine bag and cork key ring.

Always working to develop and improve brand Paradise Rescued

I started to wonder what our share price would look like if we were a public listed company. Laugh! Not really a fair comparison yet but it did make me think. Since starting in 2010, we have come a long way. 2014 will be our fifth harvest. Our main mission has been clear from the start: to sustain the rural heritage and community of our beautiful village Cardan and hand produce fine wine for export. Since starting out, we have had our fair share of both good and bad luck. We had a clear vision and with the help of dedicated and talented team, we have exceeded our own expectations in terms of both the quality of our wine and the markets we were targeting.

But it must never end there! The whole essence of sustainability is that we can operate profitably in order to uphold that mission and responsibility to our community. Sustainability goes way beyond good environmental stewardship. In order to achieve that goal, we have to keep growing as a company together with our people within it so that we can extend that excellence and create greater value for our unique hand crafted wine, our boutique brand, our customers and of course our community.

Paradise Rescued receiving the Silver Stevie International Business Award for Best New Company 2013

Paradise Rescued winner Silver Stevie International Business Award Best New Company 2013

Last year we were honoured to receive the Silver Stevie International Business Award for Best New Company 2013. The significance and prestige of that award has still not yet sunk in. We have held back in 2014 from looking for further awards, one out of humility and second out of the knowledge that we need to go up another level again yet. 2014 will be recorded in our history as a year of consolidation and hopefully breakthrough in the market. Maybe in 2015 we can celebrate again. As you read these blogs week in week out, you will see a pattern of continual change and development at Paradise Rescued. Every week, we find something new to improve, be it in our marketing, branding, viticulture or vinification. It’s a culture in our team to take everything to a new level whenever an opportunity presents. There isn’t space here to record everything new that we did this week – the list was too long!

The enemy of excellence is good! If we ever start to feel comfortable, we are off track. Where are you now in your lives, business and whatever? Say NO to complacency.

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