#Cloud9 #CabFranc – our 5 top tasting points.

Cloud9, bottle box and Riedel Bordeaux glass

Wow, it’s been an exciting week. Cloud9 finished its “rest and recovery” in Parton’s temperature controlled store room, Quarantine liked our labels and we took delivery of the first four cartons of our beautiful #CabFranc. Now it’s time to re-taste and to get some bottles out to our potential customers.

I hope you won’t call it self indulgence but as co-owner of this micro wine company, it seemed a reasonable idea to see how the wine had travelled and if our wine is actually ready for our customers. Fair idea? So my next thought was to let our friends and fans know how the wine is tasting. Open a bottle of #Cloud9, leave for 15-30 minute to breathe, take a beautiful Riedel wine Bordeaux glass and pour.

So here are my tasting notes. It will be interesting to compare these notes to what I have written previously and to see how the wine has evolved. Before going into the fine details, I have to say right up front that I am impressed, happy and the wine appears to have travelled well, although to be fair, the taste has changed a little – but all for the better. Despite being a 2010 Bordeaux Cabernet Franc, Cloud9 is an early drinking wine. If you are reading this with a bottle close by, it will keep a while but right now is a great time to taste the freshness and fruit of this wine.

So here are our 5 top tasting notes:-

  1. Cloud9 is a classic Cabernet Franc. The colour is a less dense but brighter red than other Bordeaux varietals. It looks lovely.
  2. Swirl the glass and take in the flavour. The nose is now a beautiful fine mixture of black and red currant, once again showing what CabFranc does best.
  3. The first sip! It’s very soft, medium bodied and increasingly complex but still fruity as the one year oak maturation adds its class.
  4. For a young red Bordeaux, the tannins are very light and very smooth. No big dry taste across the tongue.
  5. And finally that almost endless finish with a lovely slight spicy zing that makes the whole taste a real experience.

Paradise Rescued - through the glass

In summary, still very happy! Let’s see what our customers think. Today we commenced selective sampling to fine wine merchants and top restaurants in Melbourne. In response to your many requests, our on line shopping cart is under construction. We will let you know how the wine and sales progress.

Enjoy, but please drink only in moderation, you will appreciate the quality more!

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