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A selection of the Paradise Rescued achievements in 2016

A selection of the Paradise Rescued achievements in 2016

Unreal – this is already the final weekly blog of 2016! Hard to believe? Yes, me too! That’s now six and a half years of continual story writing in and around our small Bordeaux based micro brand wine business – from a simplistic dream to a strong Vision and on towards a passionate brand of small business excellence and sustainability. And the advantage of the last Sunday of 2016 falling on Christmas Day, is that it gives me an unrivalled opportunity to thank both team and all those who have supported us throughout what has been a hugely challenging but remarkable year of achievement at Paradise Rescued.

For much of our business life, we have had a big Vision and big goals but nothing could have prepared us for the surprises and rewards of 2016. But it did happen! And I guess the lesson in life is that you have to give and give and then give again, never knowing when nor from where the recognition will return.

After many months of persistent effort, our B1ockOne Cabernet Franc opened sales in the USA. And nicely too, I might add. The marketing small budget launch campaign was awarded a Silver Stevie International Business Award. The same wine in its (current) Australian brand name of Cloud9 won a bronze medal at the Melbourne International Wine competition for our 2010 first vintage. Next there was the publication of our first book “From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc.” And not forgetting our primary goal of delivering a successful vintage of wine – which we did. Big results indeed for a small organisation.

Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard (left) receiving the Stevie Award

Paradise Rescued Founder Director David Stannard (left) receiving the 2016 Stevie International Business Award

Clearly none of these accolades are possible without two key groups of people. Firstly thank you Team Paradise Rescued. Your loyalty, passion and dedicated hard work in every area of what we do is outstanding. Congratulations – brilliant. And better still, you make it fun!

Secondly our customers, fans and encouragers. Like every business and / or business owner, there are good days and other less good days. But just as I have one of those real challenging days where nothing seems to want to go in the right direction, suddenly I get a phone call or social media message of encouragement or support. And when I personally can’t get there to support the harvest for reasons beyond my control, our customers and community take my place. We are very fortunate. And it isn’t something that we ever take for granted.

So what’s coming up next year? I can’t give away all the secrets yet and of course our Club Paradise Rescued members will get a first priority update in mid January direct from Cardan Bordeaux. But I can tell you that the news will be big again. If you would like to get the news first please join our Club below…

So Merry Christmas everyone with best wishes for a happy healthy prosperous New Year. Thank you.

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