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#WineTips7 – Malolactic

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Malolactic fermentation - so often talked about, but what is it? Malolactic (or secondary) fermentation is a natural process that converts tart tasting naturally occurring malic acid into softer richer lactic acid. Grape juice must (crushed grape juice skins, acids, sugar, bacteria, etc) contains malic acid, which remains in the wine after the

#WineTips6 – Big producers

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The global big wine producing countries So which country is the world's largest wine producer? Well it is a close competition again between the two big European wine lovers, France and Italy. And the winner in 2015 was France but with a very slim victory margin! In figures published by the US

Afraid of wine tasting? 4 tips to get you started!

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                  Try different wines with different foods - learning is fun and easy! Because we have to eat to live, it is no surprise that almost everyone loves a nice meal. Drinking with a meal is also a natural process, even if it is only water. As a wine producer, lover and supporter,

#WineTips5 – Glasses

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A good wine glass is essential to the pleasure of drinking wine A good wine glass is a “must have” accompaniment for a good wine. We suggest that you experience the difference by taste testing a good bottle of wine with a good size tulip shaped wine glass and some other drinking receptacle!

#WineTips 4 – Vine Canopy

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#WineTips 4 - Vine canopy The canopy of a vine is everything that you can see above ground, starting with the trunk and then the cordons, stems, buds, leaves, flowers and fruit. The management of the canopy by the vigneron is critical in order to achieve the best health and vigour possible for

#WineTips 3 Maceration

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         Beautiful Cabernet Franc grapes and juice macerating to make Cloud9 wine Maceration is one of those technical type words that we see in the description of a wine and how it was made. So what is it? Put very simply, Maceration is the winemaking process of contacting grape juice and their skins

Paradise Rescued to launch weekly #WineTips

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#WineTips by Paradise Rescued will launch this Thursday For the first time ever that I can recall, we will publish two blogs this week. Of course, this will use up a little more precious time but it is a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge we have gained in building our