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WineTips #20 – Biodynamic

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WineTips #20 - Biodynamic The philosophy of biodynamic farming was developed by Rudolph Steiner in the early 1920s.  Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that emphasizes the holistic development and interrelationships of the soil, plants and animals as a self-sustaining system. The Biodynamic approach  also embraces the interrelationship between lunar and

#WineTips17 – Decanting

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Decanting need not be complex and doesn't require a cut glass decanter! Decanting is often regarded as a snob process for making wine look fancy. It’s not! It is a very effective way of separating wine from accumulated sediments and allowing a little air to mix with and improve a wine that has

#WineTips16 – Hand Picking

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Hand picking B1ockOne CabFranc grapes in Cardan Bordeaux One of the success keys to producing great wine is to start with the best fruit possible. That makes sense! In a typical vineyard due to microclimatic variations, different flower set times and dissimilar grape and bunch health, not all the fruit is evenly ripe nor healthy

#WineTips15 – Organic

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Organic viticulture and wine making Organic viticulture and wine making is the combined process of making wine from organically farmed grapes, which excludes any use of synthetic chemical treatments (pesticides, herbicides or fungicides) nor fertilisers. Organic vignerons and winemakers use organic methods because of the better quality fruit and wine it produces as

#WineTips14 – Merlot

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Merlot is the Magician of red grape wine varieties. Merlot is the most planted grape variety in France and one of the big three red wine grape varieties in the world (with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah / Shiraz). Within Europe, Merlot is also extensively planted in Italy as well Eastern European countries such

#WineTips12 – Véraison

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                    Explaining what is Véraison in the vineyard. The word Véraison is a French word adopted into the world of viticulture, whose literal translation means “towards ripening”. Véraison is the time at which the berries begin to change from growth to ripening. With red wine grapes, this is most easily recognised by the

#WineTips10 – Cabernet Franc

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Cabernet Franc in the Cloud9 vineyard of Paradise Rescued Cabernet Franc is the princess of red wine grapes. It is a soft, easy wine to drink with a lovely after taste but no big tough tannins. It is a popular variety grown extensively in France (Loire Valley and Bordeaux), Italy and Hungary

#WineTips9 – Serving Temperature

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What's the best temperature for serving and drinking wines? No, very much not a snob topic! If you have ever drunk cold red wine or “very warm” wine of any sort, you can quickly understand why certain temperatures favour certain types of wine. There are a lot of articles, temperature and grape variety

#WineTips8 – Organic Viticulture

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Bird's nest in the Hourcat Sud vineyard - nice confirmation of Organic Viticulture Producing Organic wine starts in the vineyard with Organic Viticulture. Organic viticulture is about developing and maintaining a natural ecosystem and balance in the vineyard. The goal is to create a natural eco-management system where there is synergy between natural