Cabernet Franc – a wine for all (the good) times

Today is Sunday 4th December. Today is #CabFrancDay! Today is the day that we celebrate and recognise the amazing grape variety that is Cabernet Franc – a wine for (the good) times. And, right now, the most exciting wine grape varietal on the planet. And on a significant comeback trail…..

Ripe Cabernet Franc ready for harvest at Paradise Rescued in Bordeaux

Ripe Cabernet Franc ready for harvest at Paradise Rescued in Bordeaux

Cabernet Franc’s history starts in the vineyards of Bordeaux France and has spread across the world finding new homes and fans everywhere. But times have not always been so good.

Why is CabFranc so special? And why is it suddenly starting to come back so fast? Despite being the genetical parent of both wine world heavyweights Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Cabernet Franc is a much finer softer almost feminine wine by nature. This is why we always refer to CabFranc as the princess of red wine grapes. It has one of the most perfumed aromas of any wine, a light body and simply dazzling length or after taste. It is equally at home as a food wine with roast meats, red fish and medium weight cheese as it can be as an aperitif wine. Its balance between taste, acidity and freshness make the prefect drinking wine for the future. A wine for all the good times!

In the last twenty five years new world wine, based often around bigger more ripe fruit favouring higher alcohol levels, has very much come to the front. And with the rise in new world wine comes a greater promotion on the varietal composition on the label and brand. Even today, the biggest concentration of Cabernet Franc can be found in France but sadly one might not know it well as labels are not required to carry the grape composition and winelover knowledge of brands, regions and labels remains very strong.

Two little words that say special - Cabernet Franc.

The two little words that say special – Cabernet Franc.

Whilst Burgundy is widely known and associated with Pinot Noir, Bordeaux has become the modern day home of CabSav and Merlot despite the incredible contribution made to many wines there by smaller blended quantities of CabFranc. The Chinon region of the Loire Valley is the French heartland of Cabernet Franc but its success as a growing region continues to be under recognised.

As the world starts to see, read and know that it is drinking more Cabernet Franc, so its reputation is surging back. The more varietal CabFranc is produced and drunk, the greater its appeal is becoming. Right now CabFranc is quite simply the most exciting wine grape varietal on the planet. It is a wine for all the good times. Enjoy in moderation and celebrate #CabFrancDay with us.

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