Building brand Paradise Rescued with Sweet Graphic Design

Paradise Rescued DropStops join the brand

Last week, it was fantastic to be up in the beautiful spring sunshine of Brisbane. It was better still to be able to catch up with Tricia Wiles of leading boutique graphic design house Sweet Graphic Design and designer of our Paradise Rescued logo and brand.

It was just two short years ago here in Brisbane that we launched the famous swirl logo and officially launched the brand. It sounds very grand when all that we actually did was to take a printed copy of the logo, hold it up and photograph ourselves with a small digital camera at arm’s length!! Since then, that beautiful design has been integrated into our web site, this blog and all our social media. The logo sits proudly on the back and front of our lovely #Cloud9 #CabFranc bottles and cartons, takes centre stage on all our stationery and was earlier this week released on our branded shirts and DropStops – more of which you will hear about soon.

Apart from celebrating the brand’s second birthday, there was a serious (but fun) side to the meeting – which was to look at and plan our future brand promotion work. T-shirts are already in design and will be ready for this year’s harvest in Cardan (currently predicted for the start of October). We reviewed the recent trial production of shirts, potential colours that we might use and explored the possibility of a merchandising portal within the web site. Production of Paradise Rescued drop stops is nearing completion.

Tricia Wiles, Sweet Graphic Design – designer of the paradise Rescued logo and brand

And finally on Monday night, we were invited by The Creative Collective – Australia’s #1 Social Media design and training experts – to give a short testimonial about our brand and social media at their training presentation in Brisbane. Tickets sold out a week in advance!

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on the shirts and logos. Love that brand!

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