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What keeps in Motovation Street?

                      What keeps you in Motivation Street?

The most frequent critique and comment that I get fed back to me at a leadership level is: David you are too optimistic and too unrealistic! I have now learnt to accept this as a compliment! Which of courses really annoys the person kindly sharing me their wisdom! People who pass critique hope that you will change to conform to their view of the world. I have been there, it wasn’t fun, it took a long time and lots of reading to get out of it and I am never going back!

Which brings us to the topic of motivation!! It’s another of those leadership expectations – motivation! Every day I hear the same comments… “morale is lousy here, my boss doesn’t motivate me”. Let’s try and get rid of this self-imposed pity first of all! Although I do agree that leaders have a responsibility to create, communicate and deploy a strong vision for their organisation, the bottom line is that there is only one person who can motivate you! And that person is YOU! Sorry, I can double your pay, pleasure, etc etc but unless any one of us makes the decision to be motivated in a particular set of circumstances, then we won’t be.

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               Even a beautiful image can be a great motivational “hook”

So let’s assume that you have come to that decision point and chosen wisely! Wouldn’t it be nice to assume that having made the decision to be motivated that we would never have to think about it ever again? And that when we get out of bed every morning, it would be just a continuation of where we happily finished the previous day? But it isn’t is it? We have to make that decision every day and therefore we have to find things, “hooks” I call them, that allow us to recharge that motivation.

So what are those hooks and how can we use them to re-inspire us every day? We all have unique hooks. Music is a very popular one, pictures, reading, even 10 minutes one on one time with a best friend or partner. Find what it is that gives you that energy to pursue your mission every day. As you define and build your vision of the future, you have heard us talk about creating a picture…why? Quite simply because it becomes a daily image that motivates you to take the next step and pulls us forward towards the goals we have designed. In itself, it is therefore a hook! I suggest that you also get some music to go with it too. Every Paradise Rescued project, land purchase and significant event has had its own theme song!

What are your hooks…are you using them to your benefit?

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