Grape Moments: Brand building in Brisbane

Last weekend up in Brisbane and the two days that followed were so inspirational and motivating for brand Paradise Rescued that I thought it would be worth briefly sharing with you as this week’s blog.

Firstly the weather was divine….4 days of clear blue skies and 25C sunshine. I love that! This blog really continues on from where last week’s writing from Monika Elling finished. The focus was all about the brand!

The new Pardaise Rescued designer Kraft bottle bags

        The new Paradise Rescued designer Kraft bottle bags

The first 24 hours was spent with Tricia Wiles of Sweet Graphic Design and her husband Shawn Fullington looking at almost every dimension of our logo and its use across the brand. Top of the agenda was of course the label design for our new Cabernet Franc Merlot, which will go into bottle later this year. This is a real labour of love as we will have less than 200 bottles. But the integrity of the brand is critical as it is too early yet to predict where this wine will go as we have only just recovered the “old block” Merlot vines to a point where they are producing something good. We reviewed the ParadiseRescuedTV videos and examined every detail of the new wonderful designer Kraft bottle bags.

It was also fun to reflect on that day back in 2010 in Cathedral Square Brisbane, when we officially launched the Paradise Rescued logo to the world (who weren’t actually watching that particular day). That one humble A4 drawing has come a long way…and based on our discussions, has a much much longer way to go.

The Paradise Rescued iPadMini takes a break before flying home!

The Paradise Rescued iPadMini takes a break before flying home!

After a photo shoot on Sunday morning (still taking a while to adjust from being an engineer to a marketer!), it was off to Brisbane proper to meet up with our social media marketing expert and adviser Zoe Wyatt together with her wine passionate Cloud9 supporting husband Mark. Every aspect of our current marketing and brand programme got the work over. One week later, many of the ideas are already going into place and you will see a few subtle changes coming soon. Our newsletter fans (please subscribe below) will be the first to get the news and you will see the results on both or web and Facebook pages not long after.

The final highlight was the engineering conference that I was attending – meeting new fans and sharing the brand. Best of all, was to meet and introduce an inspirational young man, Sam Cawthorn. His unbelievable story of dying, reviving and “bouncing forward” to be an enduring happy optimist and strategist is mind blowing. But as you might have guessed….there will be a full on leadership blog for that next week!

The inspirational Sam Cawthorn presenting

           The inspirational Sam Cawthorn presenting

Out of nowhere yesterday, whilst walking and thinking, I came up with this quote…..”The quality of our brand will be a reflection of the quality of people we associate with.” Our goal is to be one of the best. And we know that we are working with the best!

A brilliant 4 days. Bounce forward everybody…

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