Attitude is the Difference Maker!

John C Maxwell - The Difference Maker

John C Maxwell – The Difference Maker

Since the next three weeks are shaping up to be a series of Vine2Wine reports from Cardan, Bordeaux for our fans, and seeing as I am travelling for 29 hours before I arrive there, it seems reasonable to talk this week on personal development and leadership. As always the time spent on a long haul flight is great time to think, strategise and read inspiring literature. And the more I read, the better I believe I can lead and therefore help create the environment that will help Paradise Rescued (and myself) to grow, prosper and become all that we are created to be. We hope our blogs help you achieve the same.


Cue John Maxwell as always…and a brilliant pocket leadership book: The Difference Maker – Making your Attitude your greatest Asset.


To (try and) make this subject easier for everyone to understand and to distil a leadership Master Class book into one blog, I have broken this blog into three sections. So let’s go…


What is attitude?


Attitude always shows!! Our attitude colours every aspect of our life! People always project on the outside what they feel on the inside.

The sum of all our thoughts comprises our overall attitude. So attitude therefore is inward feelings expressed by outward behaviour. If you can’t change your inward feelings about yourself, you will be unable to change your outward attitude towards others.


Book The Difference Maker

What attitude is NOT


When I was younger, I can recall the cassette tapes (remember them?) with leaders and speakers booming out “Attitude is everything”. Don’t misunderstand me here, attitude is so extremely important but there are certain things that attitude cannot overcome!!


For instance, no matter how good my attitude, it won’t stop me ageing but it will determine how I live my life and what I can give from it and achieve within it and allow me as much longevity as I can have! That’s why I always joke, when asked about my age, that I am 505 years old. It really doesn’t matter but if you are that interested, you have just have to drop out one single digit!


But jokes aside, attitude cannot substitute for skill, competence and experience. When these attributes are combined with a balanced healthy positive attitude, success is close at hand!


Why attitude makes the difference


Attitude is an additive, not a substitute. It is the plus, the extra, the difference maker that when everything else is equal…we can progress and succeed and continue to feed our self confidence.


But attitude has to be fostered. You can’t just wake up one morning and say “Today I have a great attitude” – you have to develop yourself continually to achieve that goal. That’s why I write these blogs as part of the Paradise Rescued story. We want everyone else to gain something as a result of what we do. In so doing, we learn and develop more and hopefully develop a stronger leadership attitude to take our project forward.


Pascal Bervas, amazing Paradise Recsued vigneron, studies the CabFranc fruit in Hourcat Sud.

Pascal Bervas, amazing Paradise Recsued vigneron, studies the CabFranc fruit in Hourcat Sud.

Our story is about the individual brilliance of Pascale, Albane, Tricia, David2, Lauren, Nathalie…..and a team attitude that takes us all to a higher level.


Your attitude is the difference maker. You can do it, we believe in you!


With mega thanks to John Maxwell for his amazing insights wisdom and a brilliant book….again!

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