Grape Moments: Announcing #CabernetDay August 30th 2012

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Wow, how fast has the last year gone and how far have we come? Last year we were comparing wonderful Cabernet wines from around the world with what we thought #Cloud9 would taste like. This year it will be for real!!

So what’s #CabernetDay all about… ? The idea is really simple. Get together with some friends, your local wine merchant, winery…taste and enjoy great Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet blends and share your experience on every social media site you can think of! The date for the celebration this year is August 30th. There is no unique format, simply an open opportunity to join the world’s best producers, tasters and lovers of Cabernet wines and tell the world what you think!

At Paradise Rescued, we will be formally launching our #Cloud9 100% varietal Cabernet Franc from Bordeaux’s esteemed right bank and sharing it with clients and fans. We will be sharing our views around the world with social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and hopefully through a new channel on

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Google+. If you want to be part of the live event here in Melbourne, hop across to our Facebook page, Like us as a fan (on or before Monday 20th August) and follow the event details.

Help promote the day by using the hashtag #CabernetDay in your social media communications over the coming 3 weeks.

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