Aligning Brand Paradise Rescued with our values

“A brand is a reputation; it resides in the minds of others”

Cloud9 Cabernet Franc in the Hourcat Sud vineyard

Cloud9 Cabernet Franc in the Hourcat Sud vineyard

Since very early in our short history, Paradise Rescued has always had a clear set of values on which we wanted to establish and operate our business. Over time, this has proven to be a very powerful reference point for our decision-making and strategy definition. Whenever a challenging issue comes up, it is very easy to refer to our value set and effectively answer the question posed of us.

Essentially, these values also establish the heart of our brand. Our internal values are of course reflected in our outward behaviour as seen in the market place and hence establish the basis for our reputation and brand. Interestingly enough, when we updated our Vision last month, our values didn’t change one bit nor did their position at the centre of the picture, whereas our tactical plans and strategies moved ahead to keep pace with our development.

Let’s quickly list them again:-

Quality and Excellence

Sustainable Development

Continual Improvement and Innovation

Openness and Resilience

Paradise Rescued designer BTEC+ corks

Paradise Rescued designer BTEC+ corks

And as I look at every aspect of our operation today, it is easy to see elements of those four simple value lines. We strive to set new standards for our wines, our packaging, branding and business management. Our deep concern for the environment, health safety and our community is ever present. What we do now bears no resemblance to what we did 3 years ago; at every level we continue to grow and improve. And at the same time we maintain that openness and resilience to hang tough together during the hard times. In total it amounts to a passion for our mission, our wine, our customers….our brand Paradise Rescued.

And as the values reflect, we will continue to work hard, to improve, to build that brand reputation and the value it brings to our all customers and stakeholders. And that  it will indeed “reside in the minds of others”.

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