Afraid of wine tasting? 4 tips to get you started!

Try different wines with different foods - learning is fun and easy!

                  Try different wines with different foods – learning is fun and easy!

Because we have to eat to live, it is no surprise that almost everyone loves a nice meal. Drinking with a meal is also a natural process, even if it is only water. As a wine producer, lover and supporter, wine seems like a natural partner for good food. Wine doesn’t work in all circumstances, but it will work in a lot!

But what if you don’t know what wine to drink with which food and are afraid to talk up for fear of being seen to be ignorant – and don’t us wine lovers so enjoy talking about our most recent sip and meal! You bet!! That’s why we started the #WineTips series of blog posts and Pinterest pictures. To share a few secrets…

So let’s start at the beginning and try and remove the fear! There are many different varieties and combinations of varieties and regions that go into making wines. Add in hundreds of different foods, national styles and cultures and the number of food wine options is infinite! So no one rule set applies to anything. And most of those people that you hear talking about their favourite wine, they do so because they really liked it. That’s good and that is the key to getting started! It’s not about finding out what’s right and wrong, it’s about enjoyment and finding out what you like the most.

I think there are a couple of tips that you can easily apply:-

1. Enjoy in moderation. If you drink too much wine (or any other alcoholic drink) you will quickly loose the taste / flavour of the drink and of course the ability to discern what you like about it!

2. Drink it slowly and try to appreciate what it is you like (and possibly don’t like). Gulping a whole glass down like it is water or beer on a hot day does not give you any chance to appreciate the wine you are drinking.

Cloud9 Cabernet Franc and Decanter

        Cloud9 Cabernet Franc and Decanter

3. It’s not snobbery to enjoy something nice! So as you drink and sip it slowly, try to discover what is that you like and dislike about the wine. Does it feel right with the food? The taste creates similar sensations for all of us – wine lovers and drinkers have just found a complete (foreign?) language to describe it! But all of us can tell a $10 bottle from a $100 bottle – it takes less than half a second! Think whether it feels soft and smooth or sharp and acidic. Does it leave a pleasant after taste, does it smell nice? Start simple – use big words later!

4. Try different wines and food pairings. See what you like best and explore some more next time.

Don’t be scared, give it a go. You will be surprised about how much fun it can be and how it will add to the pleasure of your meals. Enjoy – cheers!

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    Very informative, I’m looking forward to learning so much from your blog.

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