A man with a dream will not be denied!

Louie Carrillo’s famous line

Most of our regular blog readers know that project Paradise Rescued is not just about producing great Bordeaux wine. We love our #Cloud9 #CabFranc with a passion but we would have to say that it is a product of our vision and mission, not the vision itself. Central to our hearts and buried deep in our values is the sustainability of our beautiful village in Cardan AND the hope that through our actions and leadership, others too may learn to set a goal for their future in their chosen area and grow to become all they are created to be.

The biggest barrier to growth and great achievement is self belief. It is natural to think that one must first develop the courage and confidence before making that first step in the new direction. But as I write and think here, I realise that the opposite is true. The stimulus and motivation to take that first step forward can only come after we have developed a compelling picture of our future, as it is that vision which creates the motivation to take the first step. Humans are teleological beings – we are pulled towards a clear goal or image.

Hourcat Sud Cardan looking towards the 12th Century Church

That’s why it is so critical to seek out and clearly envisage what it is we want to achieve. If we don’t, we simply follow the path that we are on…and very often we regret that later. Seize the moment! Skip Ross puts it so well in his brilliant quote “Get a clear mental picture of what you want, fill it with emotion and hold on!”

We hope what we are doing on a very small scale at Paradise Rescued can help you find the inspiration to build your dram and make it come true. Business leader Louie Carrillo wrote it best: “A man / woman with a dream will not be denied”

You can do it too and we believe you can. Tell us what it is and we will come and cheer you on!

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